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 Front End Processing

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SAWATEC AG is a leading Swiss high-tech company founded in 1996.

SAWATEC AG has a wide range of application-oriented instruments, systems and components is used for various processing steps along the entire process chain, offering versatile customer benefit it.

For special customer requirements we also developed custom-made products which transgress into the physical and technical limits and move today’s process boundaries constantly new.

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Annealsys designs and manufactures Rapid Thermal Processing / Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTP / RTA)

 DLI-MOCVD / ALD / RTP system for R&D. Deposition and annealing inside the same chamber.



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     Sputtering ION Beam Polishing, Cold Plasma Surface Activation, Evaporation

 Alliance-Concept manufacturing innovative Thin Film Depositions, 

Physical Vapor Deposition technologies (PVD),
engineering both Magnetron sputtering and Thermal evaporation, systems.

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Polyimide Cure Oven, Vapor Phase Deposition Systems

Plasma Strip/Descum Systems, MDS Prime Ovens + Image Reversal

Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. is known worldwide for supplying quality process
equipment to Semiconductor and related industries, including MEMS,
Medical, BioSensor, Microarray, Nanotech, Hard Disk Drive, and more.

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The wafer-scale automated electrochemical Atomic Layer Deposition (eALD) system
is an ideal tool to grow nanomaterials atomic layer by atomic layer by using surface limited
chemical reactions (the phenomenon also known as an under potential deposition).
Although similar to certain degree to more common vacuum Atomic Layer Deposition technique,
eALD offers a number of unique advantages particularly for deposition of superlattices
(for a nonlimiting example,PbTe/PbSe or Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3),
where such superlattices can be grown at a single temperature quickly,
while classical ALD due to different temperatures of depositions of individual materials
require temperature adjustment of the system, resulting in lengthy and not very practical process.


Back End processing

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Eutectic Die Attach, Epoxy Die Attach

MRSI Systems is a leading supplier of high precision dispense and assembly
equipment for the microelectronics industry offering systems for the assembly
of Microwave, RF, Optical, 3D, MCM’s and MEM’s devices.

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Plasma Cleaning Systems

Yield Engineering Systems (YES) manufactures equipment for a variety of processes
including vacuum curing, plasma cleaning, resist removal, surface modification

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  • Manual probe stations designed to be flexible and easy to use.
  • Semi-automated probe stations designed to be flexible and easy to use.
    These systems are designed to support manual and semi-automatic probing of up to 200mm wafers.
  • Automated Probe stations are MicroXact’s line of precision automated probe stations.
  • Analytical Probe station with Laser Cutting System gives.
  • Wafer Resistivity Mappers use proven industry standards to provide fast,
    accurate and reliable measurements of sample resistivity distribution.
  • Magnetic Probing System - The world’s first probe stations capable of immersing a sample
    in a fully controllable three dimensional magnetic field.
  • Cryogenic system - cost effective, stable, reliable and convenient probing
    of devices and circuits at very low temperatures. Built-in vibration isolation, 
  • Cryomagnetic Systems - available with electromagnets, superconducting magnets
    or combination of electromagnet and superconducting magnet.

Equipment provider for micro, small, and large spot welding machines and electrodes,
as well as ACF bonding and hot-bar soldering equipment.

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