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Micro X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (Micro-XRF) and Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (TXRF)

Bruker Manufactures tools for sample characterization using small-spot Micro X-ray Fluorescence (Micro-XRF) analyses.
The XSpect Pro / XData package is a powerful and versatile software for the nondestructive characterization of metal multilayers.
XSpect Pro/ XData runs on Bruker’s series of small-spot spectrometers

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Automated Resistivity Mapping System (A4P)

Microxact Manufactures the A4P-200-PLUS automation software permits semi-automated
or fully automated testing with the resistivity mapping system

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Four Dimensions manufactures advanced semiconductor probing systems.

We provide four point probes with an extended measurement range or sophisticated probing for compound semiconductors.

Measuring PN junction leakage and sheet resistivity in the same probing step meeting the requirements for ultra-shallow junction probing.

Wide range of Mercury probe geometries and special capacitance measurement electronics

Combined C-V, I-V and four point probe mapping system, all features of M4PP3093 and CVmap 3093 A/B combined Suited for the characterization of USJ.

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Is a leading-edge technology company operating at the highest quality standards within the field of 
non contact surface metrology
The company provides high-accuracy optical profilers based on interferometry and confocal techniques.


Sensofar opens the door for a new 3D experience with the S neox non-contact 3D optical profiler.

The S neox outperforms all existing optical profilers, combining confocal microscopy,
interferometry, and focus variation techniques in the same sensor head without any moving parts.

S neox

PLU apex

S mart


The PLu apex is an optical profiler capable of accurately measuring
the form of any optical surface including simple spherical,
aspheric, flat, and even free-form optics.

Its innovative design is based on Sensofar’s proprietary confocal tracking technology,
which allows non-contact high precision measurement at speeds up to 1 mm/s.

The Apex is equipped with a high-precision linear air bearing
stage and powerful aspheric curve analysis software as well as fast,
easy to use alignment technology.

Its compact design is ideal for obtaining a fast,
non-invasive assessment of the micro- and Nano geometry of
technical surfaces in multiple configurations.

There is an almost unlimited number of applications to be measured with the system,
ranging from roughness measurements on highly polished,
super smooth surfaces with a vertical resolution of down to 0.01nm
in interferometric mode to the measurement on very rough,
low reflective samples with local slopes of up to 70 degrees in confocal mode.
Using a short wavelength, low coherence LED allows the highest possible lateral resolution.
This innovative concept of illuminating the sample comes with no moving parts inside the scan head,
thus avoiding typical problems of Nipkow disk-based or Confocal Laser Scanning microscopes.
Sensofar offers a broad range of different instruments all using the same technology,
but being adapted to special purposes.
There is a number of options, e.g. a thin film measurement sensor,
allowing the determination of film thicknesses down to 10nm with a resolution of 0.1nm.


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SCI is a leading innovator and provider of advanced metrology systems and analysis software to major companies in the semiconductor, optoelectronics, data storage, display, MEMS, and optical coating industries.                                                                                       

pectroscopic ellipsometry with rotating compensator design (295nm-1700nm)

Multi-angle, polarized spectroscopic reflection (190nm-1700nm)

Measures film thickness and index of refraction independently

Multi-Angle Differential Polarimetry (MADP) technology with SCI’s patented Differential Power Spectral Density (DPSD) technology

Ideal for measuring ultra-thin films (0.03 Å repeatability on native oxide)

Patented parabolic mirror technology – small spot size measures within a 50×50 µm feature

CD MetrologyMeasure high aspect ratio TSV structures                           Measure TSV etch depth up to 500 µm

Measure TSV structures with diameter down to 1 µm


FilmTek 3000 SE

Virtually all translucent films ranging in thickness from less than 1 angstrom to approximately 150 microns can be measured with high precision.

Typical applications Include:          


Flat panel display

Dielectric materials

Multilayer optical coatings

Optical antireflection coatings

Electro-optical materials


Solar cell

Coated glass

Laser mirrors

Thin metals

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