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Semiconductor Application 

 Front End Processing

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RTP – RTCVD Implantation annealing
Contact annealing
Crystallization & densification
Rapid thermal oxidation (RTO)
Rapid thermal nitridation (RTN)

High Temperature RTP

Silicon Carbide implantation annealing
Graphene by high temperature SiC sublimation
CVD of graphene


Simple & multi-metallic oxides
Metals, nitrides and alloys
III-V, wide band gap semiconductors
Nanotubes and nanowires

  • Direct Liquid Injection technology: Wide range of organometallic precursors available Highest vaporization efficiency for CVD/ALD


2-inch Spray CVD 

2-inch SprayCVD furnace for laboratories.
Aerosol CVD processes
Deposition and annealing in the same chamber

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Thin Film
focus on Physical Vapor Deposition technologies (PVD), engineering both Magnetron sputtering and Thermal evaporation machines for any demanding applications.

Deposited films are typically below one micron, in nanometer range. By glow discharge between two polarised electrodes.

Applications: Decoration, Defense, Energy, Solar cell, Medical, Microelectronics, Optic.

Vacuum Technology

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YES manufactures a wide variety of processing equipment including tools to assist MEMS device manufacturers with proper curing, surface tension modification, getter activation, metal annealing, and wafer dehydration.

 IN Addition YES manufactures the following equipment: VertaCure automated, high temperature cure oven ideal for polymer and BCB cure.

BCB Cure - used to create photosensitive polymers, which require fewer processing steps than dry etch materials.

Applications include:

  • Stress buffer coating for Redistribution Layers
  • Adhesion promotion of molding compounds
  • Stress buffer coating
  • Protective passivation layer on top of a completed IC
  • Low-K separator between metal layers in ICs
  • Chip bonding
  • Interlayer dielectric

Resist Descum

Typical plasma cleaning applications include:

  • Removing contamination or sterilizing a surface
  • Promoting adhesion between two surfaces
  • Controlling surface tension to achieve either a hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface
  • Increasing biocompatibility between synthetic biomaterials and natural tissues
  • Improving polymer performance through cross-linking to decrease friction that wears out devices

Plasma systems such as the YES-G1000 or YES-G500 are effective for cleaning, descumming, and removing organics.

Back End processing

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Die Bond & Dispense

MRSI’s current product portfolio consists of configurable die bonding and epoxy dispensing tools
catering to the precision end of the electronics assembly market.
Capable of placement accuracies ranging from 3 micron (“μm”) to 10µm.

RF & Microwave Assembly

Manufacturers of microwave modules, RF circuits, MEMS, advanced semiconductor packages,
multi-chip modules, hybrid devices are the original “core” customers for the MRSI products.

Eutectic Die Bonding

The term “eutectic” is from the Greek word eutektos, meaning “easily melted.
” It is defined as the temperature and percent mixture (point “E” on Figure 2)
where it will go directly from pure solid to pure liquid, just like a pure metal would.
Any point on the phase diagram above the line “AEB” is above the eutectic
temperature and is referred to as the “liquidus”
state, i.e., where the mixture is 100 percent liquid.1

Microwave and RF Packages such as RF power amplifiers, RF-SOE power transmitters, microwave transmitter and receivers typically transmit at high frequency and generate high power.

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Automation Software

The automated systems are driven by MicroXact's XactTest  software developed in-house and refined through collaboration with customers. The Interface is designed to be simple yet powerful, allowing users to easily set up an automated testing procedure for nearly any kind of device. The LabView-based software is logically structured and allows for easy integration of the customer's own test and measurement equipment

Automated Resistivity Mapping System (A4P)

  • In most cases, all automation, measurement and data acquisition can be managed by the software package running on a simple laptop computer. 
    No expensive hardware needed.
  • Software allows user to generate a measurement pattern map.
  • Software allows user to generate 2D and 3D maps of results.
  • Software outputs resistance & resistivity or thickness measurements.
  • Full control of the thermal chuck and light shutter are built into the software permitting complex and highly customizable testing sequences.

MicroXact team works diligently with customers to develop the best possible automation solutions as quickly as possible.

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