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 Analytical Equipment 

Historical painting analysis


The non-destructive analysis of paintings is one of the major strengths of the M6 JETSTREAM.
Valuable information on the authenticity of paintings can be obtained,
as well as for restoration and conservation.

Distribution analysis of electronic components

Electrical and electronic equipment can contain toxic elements like Cr, Br, Cd, Hg or Pb. Limits are regulated by directives such as RoHS and WEEE. Compliance testing as well as monitoring the product quality can be easily done.

Analyzing geological samples

Geological samples are inhomogeneous. The distribution analysis of their different constituents is important for understanding geological processes, exploration of mineral resources, and other applications.

Life science application – analyzing Daphnia

Daphnia are planktonic crustaceans. Because of their small size of 0.2 to 5 mm and their jumpy swimming style, they are also known as “water fleas”. The M4 TORNADO is well suited for heavy element analysis on biological samples like these.

Coating analysis

The software XData is available for the analysis of metal coatings on many different substrates. Both thickness and composition of layers can be determined, even in case of complicated multi-layer systems.

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- Sensofar S NEOX: Dual-light source and dual camera, Interferometric and Confocal, spectroscopic reflectometer as option

- Sensofar PLµ 1300: portable optical profiler, well suited for the measurement of cylinders

- Sensofar PLµ apex: Lens shape, spherical and aspherical

30 nm step

Micro lens

MEMS, acceleration sensor

- Measuring of surface topology, surface topography, roughness and profile.

- Very smooth surfaces in the order of nanometer roughness up to very rough surfaces.

- Semiconductor structures, MEMS, solar technology.

- Measurement of thin, transparent layers of some nanometers thickness up to several hundred micrometer thickness.  

- Interferometry; Confocal

- Optical Profiling

- Lens radius measurements, aspheric lenses

- Quality control in a production environment

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Virtually all translucent films ranging in thickness from less than 100 angstroms to approximately 150 microns can be measured with high precision. Typical applications include:

  • Semiconductor and Dielectric materials
  • Multilayer optical coatings
  • Optical antireflection coatings
  • Electro-optical materials
  • Solar cells
  • Computer disks
  • Coated glass
  • Laser mirrors
  • Thin metals
  • Biomedical

Example Films:
SiOx   SiNx  DLC, SOG, Photoresist, Thin metals, a-Si, a-C:H, ITO, Polysilicon,  Polyimide, Low k dielectric films.

Example Substrates:

Silicon, SOI, SOS, GaAs, PET, Aluminum, Copper, Gla


Measurement Capabilities:

  • Wafer bow and warp
  • Stress-induced curvature
  • Wafer thickness and flatness variation
  • Front and back surface topography
  • Wafer edge roll-off (ERO)

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